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About the Brand



  Founded in 2010, Leigh Event Group is an unprecedented event planning and design agency. We establish close-knit relationships with our clients to grant us capability to communicate effectively and provide desired visions throughout every event while articulating pragmatic techniques to do so. 


The importance of executing meaningful moments for our clientele inspires our team that much more to create limitless, life-long experiences through thoughtful design processes. Every member of our team is passionate about creating intentional events for our discerning clientele, which results in inevitably embracing each client’s ideas and visions while developing that into a fresh and unique interpretation. Leigh Event Group has worked with a number of seasoned professionals in the event industry, as well as various businesses in alternate industry sectors, expanding our knowledge in countless fields. 


Additionally, Leigh Event Group establishes visionary management services to conjure proliferation for corporate related events in order to physically illustrate precise details. Whether your consumer brand is beauty, fashion or lifestyle related, we ensure to implement innovative ways to develop life-long knowledge, business growth, and a positive outcome for success rates. 


We artfully design unfaltering events and experiences — not to portray, but to evoke.

Our Approach

At Leigh Event Group, we acknowledge that with each client comes a personalized, distinctive set of expectations, which we assure to not only meet, but to exceed.

Our priority with every client is to ensure that we are providing exceptional customer service while precisely meeting every individual supposition. In order to do so, we first focus on building a client relationship that can allow us to understand your story, your aesthetic, and your overall objective of your chosen service. With intention, we take the time to learn who you are, what your style is like and what your individual budget is, so that we can successfully articulate your vision. 


We believe that one of the major elements to create a victorious outcome for each of our clients is to inaugurate a concentrated connection with you. 

The Experience


With over a decade of experience, Leigh Event Group represents some of the most unique design productions and elevation services worldwide.

Every client has its own distinct audience, tone, personality, and set of objectives, and Leigh Event Group ensures that each service is specifically created to match its' intent. Through understanding a company's unique brand and identifying their target audience, our team designs a concept and coordinates all technical aspects before each project begins.  

Our team of experts work with the best creative minds in the industry while incorporating our comprehensive, innovative planning, design, and digital methods. Whether large or small, we strive to push our creative boundaries, promote inventive and unique strategies to ensure your overall goal is fulfilled.


About the Team


Treasa Leigh Brown is an event professional extraordinaire. As Creative Director of Award-Winning Leigh Event Group, Treasa is one of the finest event planners in Toronto and beyond. Nominated and awarded for ‘Event Planner of the Year’, featured in BizBash articles, TorontoLife Magazine, and numerous well-known Podcasts - she is inevitably a profound expert in her field, with a mission that far exceeds any of these titles. 


Her fervency to curate unparalleled, intricate, and ‘out-of-the-box’ event concepts is what sets her apart from others. Treasa's ability to apply her decades of expertise in the industry of design to curate an imaginative vision in an unconventional space is what makes her services so special. Driven by originality and electrified by challenges, Treasa’s proficient qualities are unmatched. She is passionate in fashion, and all things eclectic - where she is able to express herself in desires of design. From modern, to contemporary, to traditional styles, she can simply do it all. 


In 2010, Treasa launched her greatest pride and joy, Leigh Event Group. Entering the industry first as solely a wedding planner, she quickly shifted gears into corporate event management, production and design. Her bold and dynamic character allowed her to achieve unprecedented success and build a reputation of excellence in a very short period of time. Owing to her strength in numbers, Treasa was able to prompt her businesses forward, while providing incredible value to her clients at the same time. As Treasa propelled towards her dreams, she made it a necessity to document all of the obstacles and trials that she was forced to overcome. She was not only determined to solve her own challenges, but also motivated to create an exceptional business model that inspires others to want to begin a journey in entrepreneurship - and that she did.


Knowing her worth at every stage of her career, Treasa never took no for an answer. Any rejection made her that much more resilient and gave her the fuel to rise above any roadblock that came her way. With determination and consistency, she was able to authentically grow her social platforms, converting followers into clients, and clients into fulfilled companions. Impassioned in radiating positivity and women empowerment, she made it a necessity to curate a community to emancipate females - We Rise Experience™. We Rise Experience™ is an exclusive community event for women to connect, network, and give new direction to their life purpose. Treasa’s commitment to herself is deeply connected to helping other aspiring change-makers. Her strong willed entrepreneurial mindset combined with her creative approach gives her the platform to inspire and help women rise against all odds. 


Awards & Nominations


2021 Biz Bash 250
Nominated for Most Influential Event Professionals

Treasa Leigh Brown Afropolitan Award

2021 Women of Diversity Summit and Awards
Nominated for 2021 Entrepreneurship Award



Nominated 2018 for Event Planner of the Year

Nominated 2019 for Event Planner of the Year

Winner 2020 for Event Planner of the Year

Treasa Leigh Brown Women of Influence Award

Women of Influence 
RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards

Nominated 2019 

Treasa Leigh Brown Notable 8 Award

Notable Awards – Event Planner of the Year

Nominated 2018




Shlayane brings a special light to Leigh Event Group. From her nonstop upbeat positivity, to her dedication to always finding a solution, she believes successful event planning lies on the core foundation of effective and transparent communication. Shlayane’s extensive background in customer service has helped provide her with the best skill set for conversing with clients. She obtains the aptitude to connect and understand the desired vision that client’s dream of. Her patience and forbearance is admirable, and allows for Leigh Event Group to hold their credibility. 


Shlayane is a Bachelor of Psychology Graduate from Carleton University, where she was granted opportunity to learn and develop exhaustive understanding of human behaviour, as well as the skills to interpret research findings concerning human behaviour. Applying her field of expertise to Leigh Event Group, she is able to comprehend client wishes and desires remarkably, while guiding them to impactful conscious decisions. Shlayane is able to effectively determine client’s ideas and create their dreams into a reality. 


Her strong work ethic, organization skills and ambition drive her to assist the team in producing beautiful and intricate events. Not only does Shlayane facilitate exquisite events, but she also issues encouragement and opportunity for corporate companies to generate awareness and flourish. She strongly believes in providing positive motivation and influence to support businesses or entrepreneurs to do well. 


Demonstrating high-level communication skills from past education, she is able to listen and provide feedback to assist and service clients in any area needed. Representing leadership characteristics of inspiration, adaptability, and life-long learning, Shlayane remains a commendable member of Leigh Event Group.




Tammar is a passionate multifaceted creative within the event, design, and film industries. Graduated from Toronto’s York University with a Media Arts & Studies (BA) degree, she has developed a broadened comprehension and experience within these fields. 


While assisting in the production of million-dollar music festivals in the city, producing/creative directing music videos, designing film sets, and fashion styling, Tammar has grasped and advanced the necessary skill sets, pairing it with her natural creative sense, attention to detail, professionalism and high standards, she is able to connect with clients and understand their needs and visions, bringing them from thought to reality.  


Tammar is an adaptable chameleon that enjoys doing it all. She wears many hats and will go out of her way to figure things out if necessary. Through carefully listening, strategically planning and executing alongside the team, she brings exceptional service and memorable experiences, creating the most beautiful events catered to clients’ desires. 


Her aspirations, passions, and qualities have led her to becoming a part of and a great asset to the Leigh Event Group team. She brings her unique talent and integrity to every project she works on. She is able to support, empower and uplift the team.

Image by Jakob Owens

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