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Founded in 2010 Leigh Event Group is a leading full-service special events planning, design, and management agency. Having worked with a number of seasoned professionals, brands and businesses in the event and entertainment industry, Leigh Event Group understands that breakthrough event ideas are only as good as the ability to execute meaningful and memorable moments. Each event should have a purpose that leads to a positive impact on your company or culture. We offer end-to-end event planning, creative direction, full event design, brand elevation, virtual assistance, consulting and event management solutions to create truly remarkable experiences.


Our goal for every event is to ensure guests, speakers and VIP's all experience an unforgettable occasion to mark an important moment in time. We’re here to make your life easier by connecting and coordinating instrumental people and services required to produce exceptional events. At the core of it, our values are fundamentally linked to creating a continuous relationship with our clients and collaborating on a shared vision for more events to come.


We artfully create intricate experiences and events — not to portray, but to evoke.

The Process

At Leigh Event Group, we will happily help guide you through the booking process to execute your plan ideas to the highest level and with exceptional customer service.

To begin booking the first step is to reach out to us. You can use our website contact form to place an event service inquiry or a business mentorship inquiry, or you can email us at info@leigheventgroup.com


 While we are happy to chat and give you guidance over the phone, we do need a written request to officially start the booking process.

Considering every inquiry is different we do not list pricing for services on our site. Rather, we will have a discovery consultation and create a custom quote for you to ensure all your expectations are captured.

Once we have discussed the dates and services you require, the

next step is to officially join the LEG family and book your service!

The Leigh Event Group team prides itself on being malleable. We know that things change and last minute issues pop up - don't worry, we will work to handle them with professional excellence and guarantee

a stress-free experience.

The Experience


With over a decade of event and business experience, Leigh Event Group represents some of the most unique production and elevation services in Toronto and beyond.

Every client has its own distinct audience, tone, personality, and set of objectives. From small meetings to large corporate galas,

Leigh Event Group ensures that each event is specifically created to match its' intent.

Through understanding a company's unique brand and identifying their target audience, our team designs a concept and coordinates all technical aspects before each project begins. Because we understand the importance of creating a continuous relationship and helping create a shared vision for more projects to come, we work with our clients to clarify their ideal business outcomes and streamline the logistics.  

Our team of experts are here to help you increase exposure, manage bookings, and build the right foundation to guarantee success in today’s competitive market. Our event production division perfectly complements each project making Leigh Event Group a one stop shop for your next event.


About the Team


Treasa Leigh Brown is the Founder & Creative Director of award-winning Leigh Event Group. She’s a mother, mentor, business leader, and philanthropist with a mission that far exceeds any of these titles. A change-maker at heart, Treasa harnesses her innermost strengths to make a real impact in her community. Every milestone in her life is a step forward to empowering her purpose of bringing women together, amplifying their voices and opening new doors.

A graduate from the University of Guelph-Humber, Treasa earned a Bachelor of Commerce and began a career in Accounting before she stepped into her entrepreneurial journey. 

In 2010, Treasa bootstrapped her business and launched Leigh Event Group. Entering the industry first as a Wedding Planner, she quickly shifted gears into corporate event management, production and design. Her bold and dynamic character allowed her to achieve unprecedented success and build a reputation of excellence in a very short period of time. Owing to her strength in numbers, Treasa was able to propel her businesses forward, while providing incredible value to her clients at the same time.
Knowing her worth at every stage of her career, Treasa never took no for an answer.

Any rejection made her that much more resilient and gave her the fuel to rise above any roadblock that came her way. However, as she moved through her personal and professional life, she struggled to find the mentorship and support she needed. After a decade of leading events across the globe, she realized how much she still needed this support and how many other women probably needed it too. Committed to seeing every woman in her community thrive, Treasa even created her own scholarship and internship programs so that she could have a direct hand in making dreams a reality. She is also personally dedicated to helping teenage moms in need and actively involved in supporting homeless shelters across Toronto.

Treasa’s commitment to herself and her own success is deeply connected to helping

other aspiring change-makers. Her invaluable knowledge and entrepreneurial mindset combined with her genuine and creative approach gives her the platform to inspire women and help them rise against all odds.






Strategic in his role, Kevin is an integral component to our business logistics. Kevin consistently assesses quality control throughout every step of the production process, so that the objectives and aesthetics of each client are met. His attention to detail, flawless planning, problem-solving, technical skills, and easy-going nature make Kevin an asset in bridging the gap between client, agency, and vendor partners, where understanding the language from the technical and creative sides is key to a successful event. His range of vendor relations and critical thinking makes him one of the most resourceful assets to any client.

With extensive experience in Senior Management and Operations roles, Kevin also holds a Bachelor in Business (BIB). Infusing our team with a real-life superpower, Kevin is our best-kept secret to success. When he’s not managing event logistics, daily operations and scheduling of the company, you can find Kevin exploring new music, managing talent or mentoring youth and young adults in business.




 Shlayane brings a special light to Leigh Event Group. From her nonstop upbeat positivity, to her dedication to always finding a solution, she believes successful event planning lies on the underlying foundation of effective and transparent communication. Shlayane’s extensive background in customer service, has helped provide her with the best skill set for conversing with clients.

Her charisma and affectionate personality are inviting, providing a sense of warmth and comfort on wedding days that couples and vendors love.

Throughout her time at Carleton University, while securing her Bachelors in Psychology, Shlayane was always coordinating, crafting or decorating for some upcoming festivity! She spent years being creative and crafty, and watched as her hobby turned into her passion. She fell in love with coordinating weddings; she’s a big romantic! Her strong work ethic, organization and ambition drive her to help her team produce beautiful and intricate events.

In her free time, you can find Shlayane at the dog park with her really rambunctious Chihuahua Pug mix named Snoopie or planning trips to visit her hundreds of family members all over the world.



  When it comes to events, there’s a never-ending need for more hands-on deck. Ebony graduated from the University of Guelph-Humber in Accounting and Business Administration and then subsequently completed Humber’s Events Management Certification course. Fluent in both English and French, Ebony adds positivity and a unique perspective to our team.

Ebony dedicates her knowledge and craft to achieving perfection in every aspect of the planning process. She ensures that no problem is left unsolved, regardless of how big the task or complicated the issue may be. Her ability to help create a seamless aesthetic to match each clients vision, along with her "can-do" attitude, makes her a valuable addition to the Leigh Event Group team. On the administration side, Ebony is the agency’s gatekeeper in managing event-related expenses, vendor-to-venue relations, and all travel for event staff. 

 In her free time, you’ll find her trying new recipes from her extensive collection of cookbooks or going on long walks.  



Danielle is a lover of life. When we first met, I saw a spark in her. She had an incredibly attention to detail. As in, uncanny. She is a true believer in occasions of all kinds. Bringing over five years of experience to our team, Danielle plays a pivotal role in creating moments. That’s what it’s really about at the end to

Danielle, bringing people together in moments that mattered.


With exceptional experience in Business Development and Event Management, Danielle graduated from George Brown College and became an incredible asset to our team. On many days, she wears multiple different hats. But no matter what, she always comes armoured with a fast determination for excellence. 



Hana is indomitable when it comes to event production and coordination.

Her strong communication and time management skills have showed clients and vendors that she is the one to get the job done. Hana recently graduated from Ryerson’s Creative Industries program and now attending Humber College for Art Administration & Cultural Management, Hana is a big fan of learning.


Fluent in Spanish, Hana has always had a passion for teaching Spanish.

In addition to enjoying thought provoking books and lectures, Hana loves learning about different cultures, languages, and art. In her free time you can

find her dancing, traveling, eating ice-cream, and spending time with her

family and friends. 

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