Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and how we've responded to them. Most questions/responses are relative to Event Planning and Brand Partnership Services however, inquires you may have in regards to anything that is not covered below, please inquire within. 

How long does it take for presales to ship?

Presales usually take anywhere from 2-8 months to produce. After that they are quality checked and then fall under the general shipping guidelines. Please see "Shipping Info" and "General Info" for more on this topic.

Where will I see updates on my pins I bought in presale?

I will periodically post updates on my story and sometimes on my feed through my instagram account @adriannaxfantasy. If you don't see any you can DM me and I will be able to update you on that pin's production. This may include pictures, this may not.

What is the grading system for your pins?

Grade A: Flawless Grade B: Minor flaws Grade C: Major flaws