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Every organization has its' own distinct audience, tone, personality and set of objectives.

From small meetings to large corporate galas, Leigh Event Group ensures that each event

is uniquely created to match its intent.


Our aim is to embody our client’s vision and execute an effective, yet experiential story. We create event experiences that achieve business and brand objectives in unforgettable ways.

We’ll start with a comprehensive overview of your company’s unique brand and target audience

and go from there. Our team designs an event concept and coordinates all technical aspects from conception through to completion.

Whether you need help planning a conference, corporate luncheon, team-building event, award dinner or holiday party; we expertly create and execute events to fit your vision and needs. Our multilingual team will ensure that your event is not only notable but incorporates and effectively achieves your company’s corporate objectives as well.

· Conferences

· Meetings

· Openings

· Seminars

· Team Building and Networking Events

· Trade Shows

· Product Launches

· Fashion and Beauty Shows

· Fundraisers

· Galas and Banquets

· Public Events

· Themed Parties

· Pop-Up Shops

· Retreats

· VIP Events


When it comes to working with Leigh Event Group, we create from a space that’s brand-focused, plan with purpose and develop unique concepts that leave a lasting and memorable impression. Our clients come to us because they want to connect with their audience, clients or employees. 


Whether designing corporate or charitable events, we craft distinctly memorable occasions that reflect your brand’s mission, vision and values.


Because it’s the company’s mission that matters the most, we’ll start with a creative concept that solidifies a strong conception plan based on your corporate and business objectives. 


From here, we develop a customized design proposal and comprehensive budget which serves as the guiding strategy and implementation plan to our event production process.  


After the creative process and budget development, the implementation of event logistics is put in motion. 

Our event planning strategies use proven methods to ensure effective and efficient time management

and organization. 

Leveraging the Leigh Event Group team, we’ll formulate a critical path development and clearly outlined checklists to make sure we’ve crossed our T’s and dotted all of our I’s. Here, we’ll partner with all of the instrumental suppliers and vendors that help to bring your corporate events together. 

At Leigh Event Group, our measure of success starts with the fundamental team of people who bring an experience to life. We believe that success doesn’t happen in isolation, but rather because of the strategic team of highly-experienced professionals we partner with. 

When it comes to the event you’re hoping to create, we’ll manage all of the granular details such as travel accommodations, décor planning, audio visual management, entertainment, transportation and more. 


Executing events require a number of strategic pieces moving simultaneously together. On-site event and production management services are where all of the thoughtfully planned details begin to take shape. 

A production manager, event manager and other required staff will be assigned to your event to ensure

flawless execution. 

Our strategic approach starts with a strong attention to detail and proactive planning to ensure the

smoothest event execution.

Our experienced production and management team will be available to ensure each meticulous detail is deployed to create not only a memorable brand experienced but one that effectively delivers corporate awareness and success to create an artful story that’s shared and remembered long after the event is over. 


Event planning requires specific skills in domains such as planning, vendor management, budgeting, people management and logistics management. By taking advantage of our virtual assistant service, you can rest assured that your event will be executed in a professional manner. 


Our Virtual Assistance service is a fantastic option for our corporate partners who still want to take advantage of our leading event agency while working at a distance or on a budget.


We’ll remotely manage or consult with project or sales teams to coordinate vendors, assist with agenda planning, provide guidance on project plan creation, source unique venues in domestic and international locations, secure accommodations for workspaces and employee travel, track event expenses and timelines and assist with any other event logistics on a remote basis.


By working with our clients to help elevate event experiences, we’re pleased to provide world-class inspiration and motivation through dynamic speaking engagements and keynote presentations with our Founder, Principal Owner and Creative Director, Treasa Leigh Brown. 

Treasa has presented in front of large audiences as a seasoned event professional and throughout

her corporate career.

Academic institutions, conferences and seminars have served as her platform to speak to students and emerging event professionals looking to make an impact.


Treasa has predominantly spoken on topics regarding events, networking, entrepreneurship, social media and personal experiences that have helped shaped her into the seasoned professional she is today.

To learn more about Treasa’s Speaking Engagements contact us for a complimentary consultation.


As an event planner for over a decade in both the wedding and corporate realm, Treasa Leigh Brown started mentoring and coaching new and established event companies in 2012.

Treasa first started mentoring and coaching after receiving emails and enquires from both new

and up-and-coming event planners who were hoping to secure work experience or simply reach out on best practices and industry advice.

Business mentorship offered through Leigh Event Group is a fantastic opportunity for other event planners to refine their skills and be inspired to reach greater personal success and achievement within the event planning industry.

There is no “one size fits all approach”, to success in the event industry. Which is why Treasa’s business mentoring program is entirely bespoke to fit your individual needs. From training and logistics, to social media marketing and hands on workshops — a business mentorship is your fast-track to exclusive learning.

Find out how Leigh Event Group can assist you with our Business Mentoring services by taking advantage of our complimentary consultation.


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