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Social Media Management  Services

You’ve been following all of the online tips, conducting continuous research, and still can’t figure out what it is exactly that you need to do differently for your brand to reach its highest prospects. What you don’t know is that these thoughts are the stepping stones to taking the necessary actions to not only enhance your brand, but take it to the next profitable level. Luckily for you, Leigh Event Group is ready to join forces, buckle down, and get right down to business. 

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A brand determines how your audience views your business - how you look, how you feel, and how you sound. A great brand triggers a feeling, an experience for both employees, customers, and clients. What exactly is a brand? The short answer: everything. Are you delivering the right first impression? Most importantly, how are you doing so? 


Leigh Event Group applies effective social media methods and techniques to your business platforms for any brand to appropriately garner company awareness, as well as inaugurate relationships with clientele to generate an increase of sales, exposure, and activations through an online perspective.  We produce systems in order to visually communicate to clientele across all channels in an effective and consistent manner. Utilizing the power of social media and its abilities, we exert marketing strategies to offer not only our expertise, but our creative solutions to help amplify your brand and provide ample growth opportunities.


With our Social Media Management Services, you gain access to an expert who is dedicated to amplify your projected messages clearly and succinctly with credibility. 




The Business Boss


Toronto Event Planner Treasa Leigh Brown

Treasa is a true visionary, a trendsetter, and a gifted theoretical thinker. She’s a devotee of all things design, fashion, and entertainment - motivating her to further indulge in this corporate escapade. She has more than 5 years of experience working as a panel speaker, strategic planner, and mentor to entrepreneurs, as well as over a decade of expertise in the event industry. She is known as a catalyst for professional growth and for inspiring clientele to take additional action in their personal careers and passions. 


Treasa is a Bachelor of Commerce Graduate from the University of Guelph-Humber who has worked diligently towards receiving her CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) Certification. Before Treasa started sharing her seasoned experience, she was a VP of Finance for a world renowned company, responsible for building teams, conducting financial workshops, creating employee training sessions, streamlining new processes, and budget management. Moving forward in her endeavours, Treasa is now the Founder & Creative Director of her event planning business, Leigh Event Group, and her women empowerment community - We Rise Experience™. Managing three brands , including herself, she has quickly become a pundit in strategy and content development procedures using social media capacities, while successfully communicating with her audience to boost her online presence. 


After successfully applying all of her accumulated knowledge to building her own businesses through an online perspective, she was inspired to partner with consumer brands to not only share information, but seek opportunities to collaborate with others who are determined to achieve a defined business objective. Treasa focuses on the application of her event planning expertise to uplift brand awareness, exposure, and profitabilities in order to achieve maximum favourable outcomes. She aspires to work alongside brands to fulfil their goals while unleashing their true potentials. 


Business Development Services

Content Creation

You know what they say,“Content is Key” - and they’re not wrong. Creating the most effective and informational content is one of the most important aspects in generating loyal consumers. In today’s tightly-packed, competitive marketplace, standing out from competitors is undeniably mandatory for the success of your business. However, curating innovative content that can both help increase the reach of your company vision while remaining true to your brand, is no easy trick.


Leigh Event Group assists in designing relevant, compelling, and advantageous content that is complementary to your brand’s overall vision. For seamless narration, we can support chosen quality images and videos with persuasive captions, while applying researched information. We are dedicated to implementing current, always-changing social trends, to ensure maximum results. Using past experiences, we further inculcate softwares to use that are simple, yet extremely effective. 





  • Asset Design and Implementation

  • Guidance in Content Creation

  • Caption Copywriting & Editing 

  • Content Scheduling

  • Decision Analysis

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It’s never an effortless task to properly execute strategic processes when it comes to communicating your personal brand and its objectives through social media. Leigh Event Group can aid in delivering intended messages through your online platforms to convey your brand's mission and vision, as well as inaugurate maximum exposure rates and reach.


Leigh Event Group will strategize ways to define your brands success over a 60 - 90 period of time, and implement these methods to achieve promising results. We will allocate resources to conduct brand hashtag research, perform initial platform audits, measure success, and select the most promising techniques to disclose your organization's general short term and long term goals. 


  • Develop & Formulate Brand Strategies

  • Strategy Implementation

  • Allocating Online Resources & Tools

  • Strategy Monitoring & Analytics Reporting

Strategy Development

As a full-time business in our current times, we understand the importance of planning brand shoots and maximizing all brand related assets. A brand shoot or styled shoot related to your niche, allows you to convey the elements of your business that differentiates it from others - which is undoubtedly worth the investment. Needless to say, these assets are key to ensure you're stalked up on social media content for your online presence. 


Leigh Event Group combines our out-of-the-box, highly experienced background in Event Planning and Design to coordinate, source, and manage your brand and styled shoots. We work closely with reliable, outsourced vendors to plan every detail, small or large, to ensure that you make the most of your photoshoots. 


  • List of Creative Photo Direction 

  • Outsourced Vendors & Implementation

  • Customized Set Design 

  • Full Service Shoot Direction & Behind the Scenes Capture

  • Creation of Branded Marketing Assets for Social Media Use

Creative Art Direction

Brand Recognition - Leigh Event Group


Brand Recognition

Determining the best approach to build your brand’s notoriety can be a difficult proposition, however with the proper strategies and knowledge, we fabricate a much smoother process. By developing methods to directly engage with target audiences through the powerful uses of social media platforms, we are able to boost and promote your brand using notable resources.

Leigh Event Group will ensure that a consumer can correctly identify your product or service by developing impactful online presence using proper verbiage and taglines. These processes will motivate future consumers to inquire further, as well as help retain existing clientele. Efforts are to result in consumers understanding product benefits, advantages, and purchase decisions, which in return will increase revenue and exposure. Leigh Event Group is committed to secure an expert approach in your brand enactment. 


  • Brand Loyalty & Assertiveness

  • Platform Audits & Redesign

  • Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

  • Establishing Consumer Relationships

  • Developing Brand Logos & Taglines

What Our Client's Are Saying

“When the Jean Augustine Chair (in Education) Endowment Fund Committee (JACEF) was looking for a company to assist with managing our fundraising initiative, Leigh Event Group was the only company that stood out from the others capable of creatively overseeing our project. With Treasa Brown as the lead, her team successfully developed a branding strategy that embodied our committee’s mandate, purpose, and goals. Under Leigh Event Group’s management, our social media presence and community engagement have increased exponentially.”

I would highly recommend any organization looking for help with their online and social media strategy to meet with the Leigh Event Group.”


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